CIH empowers companies and innovators to develop sustainable businesses

Innovation | Community | Entrepreneurship

Through our accelerator program we:

Identify youth and women owned businesses working in our thematic areas
Research and showcase new technologies and design techniques through trainings and webinars
Conduct outreach workshops and training on application of circular principles for innovators in our community
Train you on how to scale your innovative business model
Showcase your innovations on Demo Day and on our social media channels
Link innovators to investors and opportunities to secure funding

Our key drivers

We are committed to championing the adoption of circular economy principles by offering business development services & growing the circular economy ecosystem by creating a thriving community of innovators, policy makers, development agencies, institutions of learning , corporate entities and government agencies.

Connecting people and businesses in the ecosystem.
Coming up with processes, products and services to improve the lifecycle in products in the circular economy using technology.
Creating new products and sustainable business models for startups and companies.

We're looking forward to supporting you in growing your business. Join our community!