About us.

We are the home of circular economy excellence across Africa. Our programs are designed to bring together the best minds in innovation and spur the best ideas into reality. We offer: Incubation Programs, Advisory Services, Corporate Training, Co-working Spaces, Education and Tailor-made Events.

We aim to accelerate the transition from the current linear economic model to one where; we design to eliminate waste, resources are circulated at their highest value and nature is regenerated. This will help in tackling the challenges posed by emission of greenhouse gases, pollution, biodiversity loss and climate change by harnessing our people and our planet for sustainability.

Our Mission:
To be an active part of fast-tracking the development towards a more circular and sustainable society, by creating a collaborative platform where stakeholders can grow, meet, influence and be seen.

Learn, expand, scale


Network, community, advisory, mentorship


Policy, advocacy, research topics, behaviour change


Marketing channels, events, awards, investor focus

The concept of circularity

The current take-make-waste economic model has resulted in climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution. In the 2021 Circularity Gap report, 70% of greenhouse gas emissions were associated with material handling and use. To tackle climate change and other negative consequences of the linear model we need to close the loop and move to a circular economy.

Circularity is a simple concept. It means that a product is created with its own end-of-life taken into account. In a circular economy, once the user is finished with the product, it goes back into the supply chain instead of the landfill.
The motto of the circularity movement in a nutshell, is: Waste not, Want not!

Our pillars

All our work is founded on 3 essential tenets:

Community development and engagement for a circular economy.
Promoting the overall well being of the environment by reducing waste, regenerating nature and circulating products and materials at their highest value.
Creating new products and sustainable business models for startups and companies with job creation for African youth and women as a by product.

Our team

Meet our rockstar team! We work with only the very best. We thoroughly enjoy working with innovators in the circularity space to bring to life their mind-blowing ideas.

Our volunteers

Our awesome volunteers add their rich depth of expertise to our programs.

We are recruiting volunteers & full-time staff. Would you like to join our team?

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